LG drops Roled brand for roll-up TVs

LG drops Roled brand for roll-up TVs


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                    The roll-up TV from LG Display already has a small name: the Roled. The Korean company has just filed this mark for everything related to display devices.
                            LG Display took advantage of CES 2018 to unveil the world's first roll-up TV: a technical feat that could be commercially available faster than expected. Indeed, our colleagues at Let's Go Digital have spotted the Roled trademark registration with KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service). On the other hand, it is not LG Electronics that has filed this mark, but LG Display, which simply means that all customers of LG Display wanting to exploit the rolling plate Oled can use the term Roled for their products, as this is currently the case with the Oled brand, which appears on all TVs using Oled LG Display panels.

The deposit of the Roled brand in South Korea.

For the record, the new technologies developed by LG Display are proposed firstly to the LG Electronics subsidiary who decides to integrate them or not. LG Electronics, for example, refused to integrate the Oled Crystal Sound, a system of sound diffusion by vibration of the slab and it is ultimately Sony who had the first. It was renamed Acoustic Surface for the occasion and used for the first time on the Bravia 65A1 TV. We do not know yet whether Roled technology – for Rollable-Oled (Rollable Oled) – will be operated by LG Electronics or a competitor but LG Display seemed to indicate that this technology would be available quite quickly. The first marketable roll-up TV could be unveiled at CES 2019 and launched on the market. The selling price should be very high. If the LG Signature Oled 65-inch models are sold around € 8,000, this model could well exceed € 10,000.




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