He composes electronic music with the sound of his bees

Bioni Samp abeilles musique électronique

The British beekeeper and musician Bioni – "Bee-own-ee" – Samp has found an incredibly amazing way to combine his two passions. He records the frequencies of his bees and uses them to create original musical compositions.
Bioni uses his music to talk about bee colony collapse syndrome, a phenomenon that has decimated millions of hives worldwide since 2006. With music, this man in his fifties thinks he can better raise awarness.
"If I landed with a Greenpeace badge and started talking about deforestation, people would get fed up with it, it does not speak to them. […] So I had the idea to present an ecological message in a way that is more interesting to people, at least geeks and those who love electronic music. "
Between 2006 and 2016, Bioni Samp developed Hive Synthesiser, "a modular synthesizer made from recycled components that mimics 'bee sounds' and uses honey as organic electrical resistance."

Bioni Samp has appeared in the BBC 360 ° mini-documentary, The Resistance of Honey Master, nominated at the Raindance Film Festival.

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