Harley-Davidson to Market First Electric Motorcycle – Tech

Harley-Davidson to Market First Electric Motorcycle - Tech

Harley-Davidson spent eighteen months launching and marketing its very first electric motorcycle.
        When we think Harley-Davidson, we imagine big cars that make a lot of noise. This image a bit cliché will not disappear overnight. But it may fade a little bit on reading the recent announcement made by the manufacturer. Taking advantage of the financial results of the last quarter, he has formalized the production and marketing of a first electric motorcycle. Expected in the next eighteen months, it should be based on the LiveWire initiative born in 2014.

A Harley without the noise
"The electric motorcycle market is still in its infancy, but we believe premium Harley-Davidson gear will excite and participate in the team effort," said Matt Levatich, CEO of the company. It must be said that the different players are investing more and more in the clean two-wheel segment in view of fairly strong growth (according to the figures provided by Avere France). Globally, the research firm TechNavio expects growth of 45%.
Harley-Davidson plans to invest between $ 25 million and $ 50 million a year to develop its LiveWire-based technology, which has spawned several prototypes with quite low autonomies (less than 100 kilometers). The manufacturer has a lot of work to do to catch up with the competition, led by specialist Zero Motorcycles.
In all cases, Harley-Davidson seems to have made a reason for the decline in its figures (-8.5% over the year 2017) and somewhat disrupts its image with this future product. A point raised by Alan Stulberg, founder of Revival Motorcycles, in the columns of Bloomberg, "My feeling is that this news will be well received by the public and new buyers, those that Harley, but not by those who are already driving. Harley. It's incredible. It's necessary. The more new owners, the better. " A necessary evil of sorts.




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