Google prides itself on improving its snippets, but always puts cream in carbonara pasta

Google is back on a feature that is growing in its search results: snippets. These are displayed when a precise answer is identified, avoiding to go to a third site to get the result, which does not always pleasing those who were recovering traffic via certain requests.
This is particularly the case if you type a calculation, ask for a unit conversion, the time it is in a city, a popular recipe, and so on. One element is emphasized here before all the others, a particular device used in the context of the home voice assistant.
But like any automated solution, there were failures. We saw it in the context of news with "fakes news" put forward, people with a date of death while they are still alive, etc. Google indicates working to detect more reliable sources, as well as the establishment of solutions to specify when a response is found with respect to only part of the query or when multiple results are possible.
In the meantime, the search engine is still pointing out that cream has to be put into the carbonara pasta recipe based on a result from Marmiton (which is the empire of anything and everything about it). ).
Evidence that the detection of reliable sources remains little compared to the results of sites of large groups. Like the rest of the algorithms that Google constantly boasts of the ability to detect quality content, a lot of work remains to be done.

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