FSF receives a donation of 91.45 bitcoins from an anonymous fund

A week after the theft of 523 million NMS, the tenth largest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of valuation, hackers are trying to shift their "gains". But the maneuver is hardly discrete, transparency of the blockchain obliges.
Moving an amount equivalent to $ 400 million inevitably attracts attention. The pirates are trying to divide the money into small pieces, to addresses that each contain 100 NEM, or about 76 dollars.
An ant work whose next step is to send these small sums to several accounts created on various trading platforms, in order to transform them into other cryptocurrencies. It would then become impossible to trace the funds, these barter operations not being registered on any public blockchain.
The NEM Foundation is working on a system that would allow tagging funds stolen from Coincheck. This, in order to warn the trading platforms that it is crypto-currency stolen, so that they take the necessary steps.
The foundation, however, categorically refuses to proceed with a hard fork of the blockchain to put the stolen funds back in their place. This "because the loophole was caused by the lack of robust security measures at Coincheck" and not by a default of the blockchain itself.

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