Focal Launches Pro Version of Clear and Listen Headphones

Focal Launches Pro Version of Clear and Listen Headphones

                    On the occasion of the NAMM show, the French of Focal presented their novelties. In addition to Shape Twin loudspeakers, the manufacturer has also upgraded two of its flagship headphones, the Clear and Listen, to specifically adapt to the requirements of sound professionals.



The Clear Pro does not change much the recipe initiated by the Clear first of the name: if not a slightly different finish, the design and materials chosen are identical on both versions. We should therefore find the same listening and comfort experience on this new model. The big change is in accessories, because the Clear Pro now benefits from two cables (a spiral of 5 m and a straight cable of 1.2 m) and a pair of spare pads.

The Focal Clear Pro arrives in February at a price of € 1,499. The Listen Pro has undergone more changes for this new version. These changes include the inclusion of fluffy microfibre pads. Thus, this model must tend towards a listening experience similar to that of a semi-open helmet. The acoustic adjustment is therefore not the same as the standard model, but the base remains the same. It will take a test before knowing the impact of these changes on comfort and sound performance. In any case, we regret that the hoop was not reviewed, if only to limit the pressure on the head or to provide a softer contact.

This new version also benefits from new accessories to adapt to its professional use. So we find a large hard carrying case that can store the headset, the two cables (5 m spiral and straight 1.4 m) and adapter mini-jack 3.5 mm jack 6.35 mm provided. A slot is also dedicated to storing an iLok key, well known to Pro Tools users.

Focal will launch the Listen Pro in March, priced at € 259.

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