Facebook wants to give his chatbots a "constant personality"


If you have already interacted with a chatbot, on Facebook or elsewhere, you know that the goal is not to have a real conversation but simply to allow you to do something – a restaurant reservation, a seat in an airplane, check information, etc. -. So many requests made in a more "natural" way.
This does not mean that these chatbots are still very "robotic". And Facebook intends to change that. In a paper recently published by researchers at the Facebook lab FAIR, we learn that they are trying to give them a "constant personality" and a memory.
To do this, the social network engineers have built their own dataset that they use to teach these chatbots called "Persona-Chat". A total of 160,000 lines of dialogue, obtained via Amazon Mechanical Turk, to give a "personality" to these robots and make interactions more dynamic and less robotic.
The future will tell us if Facebook decides to integrate this new feature with its chatbots, but it brings us even closer to the artificial intelligences that can be seen in some movies …

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