E-petitions, consultations … Emmanuel Macron wants to make the EESC the "Chamber of the future"

Emmanuel Macron outlined yesterday new lines of the constitutional reform project that the government should present "in the coming weeks". The head of state is particularly focused on the changes concerning the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE). Useless, expensive, almost unknown to the general public … The EESC is not very popular. For several years now, some have proposed the outright abolition of the Constitutional "Third Assembly", whose role is to inform the work of the legislator, particularly through opinions.
The institution should not disappear. As a follow-up to his speech to the Congress this summer, Emmanuel Macron confirmed Tuesday, January 30, on the occasion of his wishes to the bodies, that the Council was destined to become "a great interface of consultation between the powers public and civil society ".
The president wants to make the EESC the "privileged channel for the participation of the French in public decision", a real "Chamber of the future" adapted to new forms of "digital democracy".
The EESC, the future cornerstone of online consultations?

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