DLC The Resistance unveils in a live action trailer

Call of Duty WWII The Resistance DLC

If you were waiting for new content for the Activision Call of Duty: WWII game, you probably know that a DLC was in preparation. It is available today. And to promote its novelties as it should, the publisher has opted for a live action trailer!
This DLC, dubbed "The Resistance", is the first of the game and the latest news, there will be at least three others – no details on their content has so far been unveiled -. The trailer in question, meanwhile, is rather funny, far from what you would expect to see this license.
Note, "The Resistance" is a temporary exclusive for the Sony PS4. It will land in some time on Xbox One and PC, however the precise date has not been specified. If you have a minute in front of you, watch this trailer!

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