Chromecast support by VLC points the tip of its nose – Tech

Chromecast support by VLC points the tip of its nose - Tech

Scheduled for VLC version 3.0, Chromecast support already appears in some experimental versions of the media player. This is the case of a beta version of VLC for Android that was released in late January.
        It is a gestation that has been particularly long. Unveiled shortly before summer 2014, the project to support Chromecast in VLC Media Player will literally take years to achieve. Indeed, almost four years after the release of the device sold by Google, it is still not supported by the media player. But this time, childbirth is imminent.
This is an HDMI key marketed by Google that can broadcast audiovisual content from YouTube or partner TV channels on the TV, thanks to wireless streaming. The contractions have started: on Twitter, Geoffrey Métais, who works as Android developer for VLC, released a message on Tuesday, Jan. 30, announcing the release of a beta version of VLC for Android with Chromecast support. This version can be obtained on the GitHub page of the computer scientist, but he wishes to recall its experimental character.
Clearly, it is possible that the combination of VLC for Android and Chromecast gives rise to malfunctions. As an example, the user points out that on some devices with version 7.x of Android, VLC does not detect the Chromecast if Wi-Fi is activated after the launch of VLC. To avoid these inconveniences, the general public should rather wait for the release of the final version.
Support for Chromecast in VLC was announced for version 3.0 of the popular media player, starting in February 2015. This goal was reaffirmed last fall, when Jean-Baptiste Kempf, President of VideoLAN, the VLC coaching association, played the game of questions and answers on Reddit. For Windows, the latest available version is numbered 2.2.8.




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