Boeing 787 on a long-haul flight with a mustard-based biofuel

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Qantas

The aviation industry regularly tests cleaner fuels, particularly to reduce the carbon footprint of their flights. We are still far from switching entirely on biofuels, but things are moving in the right direction: a Boeing 787 has just made a long haul with a mustard-based biofuel.
The QF96 flight of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Qantas connected Los Angeles, USA, to Melbourne, Australia, with 24 tonnes of biofuel made from Brassica carinata mustard seed. The extraction process was developed by Agrisoma Bioscienses, a specialized company based in Canada.
According to reports, this fuel offers an 80% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional fuel. Qantas plans to fly biofuel regularly from 2020 onwards. This particular flight was established after the airline was named the least efficient airline in the region by the International Council on Clean Transportation, burning the most of all airlines flying over the Pacific.

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