At CSPLA, a report defends a vast neighboring right for the benefit of press publishers

The report of Laurence Franceschini, Councilor of State, on "the object and scope of the neighboring law of publishers of press publications" will be unveiled on February 13 at the CSPLA. Like Background, Next INpact reveals its content. In July 2016, the lawyer had already delivered a first report on the desirability of creating such a neighboring right, following a mission launched three months earlier. Work to feed the debate around the work of copyright reform in Europe, especially Articles 11 and 12 of the proportion of directive.
She was already arguing for such a creation on the grounds that "the granting of such a right allows [trait] to consolidate the balanced partnership logic between press publishers and aggregators of press content", including large online platforms like the search engines.
Better: "Devoting this right to the level of the European Union would give it an undeniable strength and profoundly modify the relations with the aggregators, which could not react as they could have done at the level of an isolated country".
Last October, the same Laurence Franceschini was entrusted with a new mission this time to define the scope of this right both as to the objects concerned and targeted operators. Questions of magnitude since behind, it is quite a right of remuneration which awaits at the bedside of the publishers of press apparently a little lost in the digital ocean.
The interest of having such a neighboring right recognized

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