an IP32 mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches

an IP32 mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches

                    Corsair expands its collection of mechanical keyboards by adding the K68 RGB, a touch-key, splash-proof, dust-proof backlit model with Cherry MX Red switches.


The K68 RGB takes the main lines of the K70 RGB Rapid Fire and differs from the latter in a few ways. First, the Cherry MX Speed ​​switches are here replaced by Cherry MX Red. They are therefore linear switches (no hard point before activation) and no click, whose activation point is 2 mm and requires a pressure of 45 cN. The chassis is made of plastic instead of aluminum. The USB extension connector disappears, as are the optional colored A, Z, E, R, Q, S, D, F keys and the braided cable (conventional cable here). The K68 RGB still gains splash resistance and dust (IP32), thanks to a rubber membrane that surrounds the switches.

Protection around switches allows the K68 RGB to resist splashing and dust.

For the rest, we find the characteristics of gaming keyboards in the K series RGB, namely a backlight to 16.8 million colors adjustable touch by key, dedicated multimedia shortcuts (play / pause, next, previous, volume, mute. ..), reprogrammable keys (remapping, macros …) with the CUE 2 software, etc.

The Corsair K68 RGB, an adjustable RGB backlit keypad with key touch, dedicated multimedia shortcuts, palm rest and Cherry MX Red switches.

The Corsair K68 RGB mechanical keyboard is already available for 149.90 €. It benefits however until tonight a discount of 15% (128 € after reduction) on the site of thanks to the code PERIF15. A welcome discount and it will need to fight against the K70 RGB Rapid Fire whose price has dropped significantly since its release and that we regularly find around 150 €.


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