Airbus launches tests of Vahana, an electric taxi cab

Airbus launches tests of Vahana, an electric taxi cab


        The end of traffic jams?

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        30/01/18 at 12:53


                    Scheduled for 2017, the flight tests of Vahana, an electric and autonomous flying taxi signed by Airbus, will finally begin in the first quarter of 2018.

(Photo credits A ^ 3 / Vahana)

Will the year 2018 be placed under the sign of electric and autonomous flying vehicles? During the year 2017, many prototypes, wrongly called flying cars, have emerged and have even taken off for some. Among the many projects, Vahana, a flying electric taxi developed for two years by the start-up A ^ 3 (for A Cube) belonging to Airbus. Equipped with eight engines and as many propellers (three blades), this robotic electric flying machine is able to carry only one person. Initially, the Vahana had to make its first tests in flight 2017. Finally, the date was pushed back to first quarter of 2018. The start-up announces that it has just completed the tests of the eight electric motors as well as the ground tests.
The next step is crucial as this time, the Vahana will really take off from Pendleton Airport, located 500 km from Seattle. Airbus hopes to market its UAM (Urban Air Mobility) to 2020.

Vahana – Passenger Experience from Vahana on Vimeo.








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