Against Amazon, Leclerc goes to home delivery in Paris – Business

Against Amazon, Leclerc goes to home delivery in Paris - Business

The E.Leclerc brand announces the forthcoming opening of a home delivery service in Paris. From April, some districts will be covered then, within three years, all the capital. Amazon is presented as the reason for this evolution, but the group is also lagging behind its traditional rivals.
        To block the arrival of Amazon in supermarkets, the French tenors of the sector will they have to be frankly home delivery? This is obviously what believes Michel-Édouard Leclerc, owner of the brand that bears his name. Invited on BFM TV this January 31, the interested party announced a service to bring races directly to the customers of the group.
At first, this program will be limited in space: only the capital will be covered by home delivery made in Leclerc. And still, not the whole city: some districts will be served from April. For the full coverage of Paris, it will take a few years: the group think it will fully master the logistics within three years.
CC PolycartA larger deployment of the "Leclerc chez moi" program, in the small or large Parisian suburbs, or in some large cities, is currently not relevant. This will depend to a great extent on the success of the operation in Paris, but also the networking of Leclerc stores on the territory and prospective studies on the success of the service at this or that place.
According to Michel-Édouard Leclerc, the prices that will be applied to the items offered via "Leclerc chez moi" will be 15 to 20% cheaper than the competition. In particular, there will be fresh products, that is to say rapidly perishable goods, "pedestrian drives" so that individuals can pick up their own couses if they want and also relay deposits.
Fear of Amazon …
At the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, Michel-Edward Leclerc insisted on a dimension of resistance and fight against Amazon. It must be said that the American giant has something to worry the sector:
In autumn 2015, the group launched its grocery store in France after years of testing in the US, especially on fresh products. In 2017, he acquired Whole Foods Market, a very important chain of stores specializing in organic products, which could undergo some robotization. And at the beginning of the year, its automatic store opened its doors and attracted the curious.
Amazon Go … but real delay
If the owner of Leclerc over the interview made it clear that Amazon is the reason that led the brand to enter the sector of "cyber-markets", it should be noted that the group is above all a delay since many of its more traditional competitors offer home delivery solutions, usually around large urban centers.
This is the case for companies like Picard, Carrefour (with Ooshop), Intermarché, Casino (MesCoursesCasino and Monoprix) and Auchan (Auchandirect). Depending on the case, the order must reach a minimum amount to be finalized and delivered or you have to live more or less near a big city. We imagine that some of his conditions will end up on "Leclerc home".
This switch to online shopping and home delivery will undoubtedly interest many Parisians, especially if the prices are actually cheaper. On the other hand, it will not only make happy: no doubt that the services that have developed taking advantage of the vacuum in this area will make a little gray mine …
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