advertisements between conversations appear

advertisements between conversations appear

Facebook Messenger started to show ads between the conversations of some users. The arrival of the ad on the messaging application was announced in July 2017 but in France, it seems that it is deployed in waves. According to the various returns, some would have been concerned for some time, while others have just discovered advertisements inserted at regular intervals between their conversations. A last group of users would not be concerned yet.
Many users have noticed the arrival of advertising in Facebook Messenger, interspersed between conversations. A phenomenon that was launched internationally in July 2017. Since then, more and more French users seem concerned and a new wave of deployment took place at the end of January 2018.
Messenger: Facebook inserts ads between conversations
This is what Twitter users have found, sharing their surprise on the social network. It seems that some people still do not receive advertising on Messenger, it should probably change soon. On the contrary, others know this situation for several weeks or even months.
Advertisements, which promote apps, games, services or others do not appear for the moment inside conversations. Facebook is working a lot lately on ways to monetize advertising on its applications. Ads are starting to appear in Messenger games and are present in the Instagram feed.
On Twitter, the Hardisk influencer regrets that a service as used and important as Facebook does not offer a premium option to continue to use the social network without ads for a subscription. And on your side, what do you think? Facebook is a free platform and must find ways to get paid. Would you agree to pay to access a premium offer? If no, what solution would suit you?
And here is the pub in messenger … good bein it's the beginning of a slow erosion that begins. ⏱
– SelectaKim 👾✨ (@SelectaKim) January 30, 2018

So now in Messenger there is advertising. Everything is fine. I had never noticed.
– Marion (@_marionS) January 30, 2018

It's a shame that Facebook-like stuff does this without an option to pay and have more ads
Frankly a few euros a month for me to flee peace in Messenger I'm hot
– Hardisk (@Hardisk) January 30, 2018

#SocialMedia: I cross my 1st pub in #Messenger for @JustEatFr, a bit overwhelming …
– THE PUBOTHÈQUE (@ValentinHochet) January 30, 2018

There are even ads on messenger now it's hot, I'm going to end up advertising for my madeleines it's more possible
– Malou 🖕🏻 (@malouthxrxl) January 29, 2018

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