"A seven-digit deal": meeting with the French studio that marks the history of virtual reality – Pop culture

"A seven-digit deal": meeting with the French studio that marks the history of virtual reality - Pop culture

Atlas V, a French company launched in December / Artwork by Nicolas Bourniquel
Yet it is not without fear that the project is born. At a time when virtual reality remains confidential and a content market has not quite emerged, the VR adventure is perilous. "Moreover, adds Fred Volhuer, we have bet to go to ambitious productions, which range from 700,000 to $ 2 million, on a media that is not yet distributed. The equation may seem insoluble.
"This contract changes the game, we think it is historic"
But more was needed to deflect these Frenchmen from their initial conviction. Thanks to platforms, Oculus or HTC, but also to technological players who have a close vision like Intel or Unity, and French institutions, Atlas V was able to seize its chance and get started. "We must remember that without Arte, the CNC or the Rhône-Alpes region, we could not start our projects and take as many risks," insists the young boss.
Since late January, the planets are aligned to confirm the intuition of French creators. At Sundance, Spheres and Battlescar, two creations of the studio were not only named, but also "wonderfully" received according to the CEO. And indeed, the American press, Variety Hollywood Reporter, was enthusiastic for these creations that have marked the public and especially, have found takers. "In the United States, festivals celebrate the art of course, but when there is money, it takes a new meaning for the industry," says Mr. Volhuer who saw the pickups to turn to him when he signed, with CityLights, a private distributor, a seven-digit contract.
Lights, concept art by Antoine Boutin / Atlas V – Little Empire Entertainment.Wired then recalled the importance of such a step for all of virtual reality: "For a medium that has never been sold at the Sundance, is a very big deal, and a deal that shows that the realization in VR has the weight and the scale of the traditional film ". For its part, Atlas V has no reason to hide its pride: "This contract changes the deal, we think it is historic. Let's be honest: it will not make anyone rich, but there is now a private distribution perspective for the market. "
It must be added that this is a first step of virtual reality without tech companies getting involved. But the latter, if they have financial power, also have an interest in the emergence of content even if the market is not at the rendezvous. Here, it is a private distribution firm that throws itself into the void: "It changes everything", concedes the boss of Altas V.
Exploring the sounds of the cosmos
Behind this historic contract, there is a project, Spheres, with serious assets: "This is the most technically advanced documentary to date and he adds to that names such as Darren Aronofsky [producteur de Spheres] and Jessica Chastain [voix off du documentaire] ] That make it enter a new dimension ", rejoices Fred Volhuer.

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