A fingerprint sensor in pipes on Canon APNs

A fingerprint sensor in pipes on Canon APNs

                    A Canon patent released in the United States reveals the development of a fingerprint reader system for cameras and lenses. An interesting search and functionality, whose production is not assured at the moment.

Nos. 32 and 46 represent the possible location of the fingerprint reader.

Implementing a fingerprint sensor on its cameras and lenses to identify itself, here is what reveals the recent US patent 2018/0012061 A1 filed by Canon. Already commonly integrated with smartphones, the main interest of the fingerprint sensor is the unique and personal identification in order to unlock its product, but especially better protect its data. Here Canon's idea goes beyond locking, since the red mark wants to make this sensor a real additional function, to which it would be possible to apply different settings depending on the finger used, like customizable function keys Fn. Secure backup, activation of stabilization, autofocus management, etc. All this could be possible with the fingertips. Several users could thus record their fingerprint and apply customized settings to it. The presence of this fingerprint reader could open up new ergonomic perspectives for the manufacturer.

Finally, the sensor could be used to completely block the device. A way to fight theft, or in any case against the use of the device by a third person. For now, nothing confirms whether this patent will emerge.


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