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YouTube announces that music content will be more likely to be preceded by an advertisement. An assumed way to promote its paying offer.
        The use of YouTube as a streaming music service is not the best framed today and yet, despite the poorly recorded songs, pirate albums that are found free in the form of a playlist on the platform and discographies that n ' do not have a particular highlight, the practice is very popular.
People who use YouTube to listen to music may have to change their strategy in the coming months. Through Lyor Cohen, Head of Music Division at Google, YouTube explains that ads will be more often applied to music clips and content of all kinds.
YouTube Red, a paid offer without advertisingFrustrate to trigger a virtuous circle
"You will not be happy if you hear an advertisement right after Stairway To Heaven," says Lyor Cohen in a Bloomberg interview. The strategy is proven: most music streaming services like Spotify or Deezer offer a free offer full of ads to reward artists and encourage users to subscribe.
For YouTube, the value of the deal is twofold: reassure majors who are worried about the drop in ad revenue – and practices at the limit of legality on YouTube – and attract new people to its paid offer, YouTube Red. Whether the listener jumps in by subscribing to a paid subscription or is more often subject to advertisements, Google is a winner. And perhaps the user too, who can rediscover the music in a correct quality, while respecting the work of the musicians.
Especially since YouTube Red subscribers should be entitled to specific playlists and new content: the competition with Apple Music, Spotify and other Deezer will be tough.





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