you can watch everything from anywhere in Europe from April 1st!

Netflix, myCanal, Molotov and all the other services to which you have subscribed in France can now be used in the other countries of the European Union. Without having to pay more, users will be able to enjoy the same features in another member country from 1 April 2018. After the end of roaming, the EU begins to become a territory with a real coherence in terms of digital. From 1st April 2018, paid subscriptions to services subscribed in France may be used normally throughout the European Union. A new European regulation on cross-border portability will come into force on that date, recalls Users will then enjoy their Netflix account, myCanal, Molotov, Spotify Steam or other exactly as in France.
"If a French consumer subscribes to Canal +'s online distribution services for films and series, he will have access to films and series available in France when he goes on holiday in Croatia or on a business trip to Denmark", was it explained by the European Commission during the vote of the law in February 2018.
Netflix: your French subscription will work throughout Europe
Suppliers will be obliged to adapt for the proposed paid content and will not be able to charge the customer to take advantage of it. Users will be entitled to access from another Member State the same content and functionality as in their country of origin. After the end of roaming charges in Europe, the European territory becomes more and more coherent when we talk about digital. Many subscribers to this kind of service often had the unpleasant surprise of seeing their offer inaccessible or limited during a foreign trip. This is particularly because Netflix and the other platforms negotiate rights for each country separately and are not, for example, not necessarily allowed to offer content acquired in France in Spain.
This new regulation simplifies things by making it possible to consider that a French user having paid a subscription on a French service is systematically identified as being in France when he is in a member country of the EU. Thus, he can enjoy the same catalog and the same options wherever he is. It may be that platforms are beginning to require documents proving the state of residence to avoid abuses: this change is supposed to make things easier for temporary stays but is not intended to encourage a Frenchman to subscribe to a subscription in Belgium or vice versa.

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