Why is there a parade from DeLorean to St. Patrick's Day?

It's St. Patrick's Day! What's better than a DeLorean? Two DeLorean? No. On the other hand, a parade of the most famous car of the film Back to the Future … There is enough to be gaga in front of this show orchestrated on Saint Patrick's Day!
Today is St. Patrick's Day – you know, the Irish party? -, the perfect opportunity to drink a little moss with friends. If in France, we often just wear a clover and wear green in Toronto, it is a parade that is organized for this occasion.
And of course, the Leprechauns do not miss the call, we forget too often that DeDeLorean is a car that was built in Northern Ireland, hence its presence at the parade of St. Patrick's 2018 Toronto! Indeed, the first prototype was created in March 1976 (the production started in 1981) at the DMC factory in Dunmurry, located in Northern Ireland.
This car has become internationally renowned for its appearance in the film trilogy Back To The Future, where it is converted into a time machine. Only question, is there a pot of gold under the DeLorean?

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