Why Huawei smartphones are banned from the United States

Why Huawei smartphones are banned from the United States

                    Six years after the ban on the equipment of Huawei's telecommunications division, the smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer are in the process of being banned in turn.

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro (© Huawei)

The House Intelligence Committee, which oversees US intelligence agencies, in 2012 accused Chinese equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE of threatening national security. These agencies were well placed to imagine that foreign equipment could be used for espionage, since that is what these same agencies were doing on their side with American equipment, as part of the Prism scandal revealed by Edward Snowden. Commission banned their network equipment, but not their consumer products, such as phones, tablets or watches.Six years later, they are about to be banned in turn. Number three worldwide, behind Samsung and Apple, Huawei had just set out to conquer the American market with its Mate 10 Pro. But after AT & T and Verizon in January, Best Buy could yield to political pressure and fail to Huawei, according to a CNET source. The Mate 10 Pro would then no longer be available at any US carrier, the main smartphone acquisition channels in the United States, and would disappear from the largest chain of electronics stores in the country. It is still referenced by Amazon and Newegg.

Espionage or protectionism?
Why is Huawei gradually being excluded from the United States? According to US intelligence agencies, it is mainly for fear of spying. They consider that Huawei, founded by a former engineer of the Chinese army, is in the pay of power. Recall that the Trump administration wants to build a federal 5G network for the same reasons.

But some evoke other reasons. A former adviser to the Chinese consulate in New York, quoted by the South China Morning Post, believes that the failure of Huawei reflects the growing concerns of US authorities about Chinese investments: "The United States is very worried about the China's high-tech industry is growing, fearing that US technology will be transferred to China through mergers and acquisitions. "Others are still pushing for protectionism: while iPhone sales are slowing China, the authorities would seek to balance the trade balance by limiting imports of Chinese products.
Huawei also banned from Canada?
The risk of banishment also weighs on Canada. Three former directors of the Canadian intelligence services actually call the authorities to follow the United States. But Canada's interior minister told The Globe newspaper that Huawei was controlled and did not pose a risk to Canada's security.


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