when Boursorama activates Apple Pay, but magnifying

Apple Pay is finally available at Boursorama. After Societe Generale last month, it is his online bank that is taking the plunge. But all is not happening as expected and many customers seem blocked. In late November, Societe Generale announced the launch of Apple Pay, set up in mid-February. But the group had not mentioned the case of Boursorama, its online bank.
Massive communication, disappointing experience
It was finally this morning that everything was activated. A page has been put online in the customer area to detail the service and its operation, but also to answer some common questions. The announcement was made to customers around 10am, in a massive way and through three channels: an email, an SMS and the service itself.
And that's where everything went wrong. Already, the mail sent to all customers is personalized but all copies that we have been able to consult start with "Hello Antoine" rather than the customer's first name. Then, all these communications seem to have been sent to all the customers without progressive scaling up.
Result: Since this morning, all customers seem stuck in the phase of adding their card. They wait for the SMS or email validation in the void, it happens sometimes too late, when Apple Pay does not tell them simply that the validation server is completely in the cabbage. In short, for the quality of the customer experience, we will go back.

A return to partial normal
At the time of writing, the service seems to work, at least in part. Indeed, a card (VISA Premier) for which no test had been carried out passed without problem. Another (VISA classic), for which unsuccessful attempts were made this morning, does not want to know anything, either for validation by SMS or email. Many users always seem in this case.
The Boursorama customer service confirms the problem, stating that it is necessary to wait 24 hours before everything comes back in order. For its part the press service tells us that "the problem encountered by some customers this morning is resolved since noon for any new attempt. It is currently being resolved for those who would have exceeded the number of possible attempts. Our teams are doing their utmost to get it resolved as soon as possible. "
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