Twitter would be "toxic" for women, according to Amnesty International – Tech

Twitter would be "toxic" for women, according to Amnesty International - Tech

            Mélissa Chevreuil –
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                    In a largely detailed report, the body guaranteeing human rights
questions Twitter's responsibility for harassing and abusing women on the bluebird platform.

        Twitter would not protect women. Worse, the platform would be for them the most harmful. After sixteen months of investigation in the United States and the United Kingdom, Amnesty International publishes its report on the violence and harassment of women on the famous social network. Rich in testimony (86 in total, including that of the Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon), the study brings a verdict unparalleled: for them, Twitter is "toxic".
The report is based on four surveys, two qualitative and two quantitative. The goal ? Understand, through figures, confessions and tweets, the causes and consequences of this violence against women, in the hope of reducing or even stopping them. Not surprisingly, the women most often targeted by these attacks are the most exposed (public figures, activists, etc.).
As well as women from minorities: "The study highlights the unique experience of violence and outrage suffered on Twitter by women of color, ethnic, religious, lesbian, bisexual or transgender minorities (such as non-binary people). and women with disabilities, "reports the INGO. But more than individuals, it is also certain subjects (such as feminism, to name only one) that invite the belligerents to react more readily.
A lack of transparency
According to the organization, Twitter does not take the necessary measures on the subject. Problem: Its format encourages and maintains spontaneous, rapid, and sometimes (often?) Excessive reactions. Ultimately implying the silence or self-censorship of women, unwilling to provoke the ire of other Internet users.
Still according to the 77-page report, this is only a reflection of Twitter's inability to moderate the various posts quickly and effectively. The same goes for reports of harmful accounts by users themselves, whose treatment still lacks rigor and especially transparency.
"Twitter's inconsistency and inaction to uphold its own rules creates a lack of confidence in the reporting process and suggests that Twitter does not take violence and harassment of women seriously," says the report. 'study. In the future, this failure is likely to deter women from becoming accountable. "

Some ways to stop the violence
Amnesty hopes that Twitter will turn the tide, and offers him a raft of tracks to follow. At first, and even more importantly, a more careful application of his rules of moderation. The platform must, pell-mell, improve the process of reporting harmful accounts, and be much more explicit about the treatment it provides them. The organization also recommends that the firm share illustrations of abuse that it can not tolerate, as well as statistics on its reaction time.
To conclude on a more positive note, it may be worth remembering that Twitter has already started making efforts to beef up its policy on violent and hateful content, so the European Commission promptly congratulated it last June. . In early March, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey even questioned followers of the social network to think of a tool to ensure exchanges in a healthier climate, where harassment and violence would be a distant memory.


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