To accelerate the deployment of 5G, the FCC relaxes its rules on small installations

Although GitLab is one of the competitors of GitHub and BitBucket, he still wants to "play peacefully" with them.
The new version 10.6 of GitLab thus makes it possible to integrate the chain CI / CD (continuous integration, continuous delivery) to GitHub, which does not have it. The latter entrusts many project management functions to third-party services in which it integrates.
In practice, developers will have to create their project in GitLab. From there, they will be able to declare one or more GitHub repositories. When a code is pushed to one of them, it will automatically be sent in the CI / CD chain, with the usual possibilities: compilation, tests and automated deployments.
The operation is doubly beneficial for GitLab. The open source solution shows on the one hand a good opening, which should be of service to more than one developer. On the other hand, it ensures visibility: by integrating with the mastodon GitHub, it may be able to attract enough customers, which will change then dairy.
Note that integration is free for all developers for one year (until March 22, 2019). After that it will be reserved for those with at least one Silver subscription ($ 19 per month).

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