This amateur blacksmith has created the coolest barbeque!

barbecue trois-mâts Yaroslav Efremov

It's crazy what you can do with your own hands, as long as you have the necessary talent, of course. Yaroslav Efremov, 27, is an amateur blacksmith who lives in Kremenets, Ukraine. In his garden, his sublime creation. A model barbecue of a superb three-masted!
Yaroslav Efremov is a mechanic. In his spare time, he works metal. This impressive and sublime barbecue of more than 90 kg asked him more than a month of work. The young man has always dreamed of having a unique barbecue. Without any plan, with a simple idea in mind, here is what he accomplished.
"I just realized the product I had imagined, and I'm very happy with the result," he said. "It was very difficult. To create this barbecue vessel, I tried to put in a few hours each day. "With more than two meters in length and 50 centimeters wide, this metal sculpture also offers many details. We would be reluctant to grill his meat on it.

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