The tracks of five associations to fight racism on the Internet

A document published by Le Monde, SOS Racisme, Licra, UEJF, J'Accuse and the MRAP lists the reforms that associations deem necessary to fight against racist, anti-Semitic, denial and discriminatory content online This document, which will be submitted to the Minister of Justice, the Secretary of State for Digital and Gender Equality, draws up an inventory of the texts in force, considered as ineffective. The five associations propose fourteen tracks of reforms (the proposals, the article of the World).
To facilitate the challenge of the hosts located outside France, they want to first compel them to appoint a representative in France. It could therefore be solicited in case of legal action, or even condemned in civil as in criminal for lack of prompt withdrawal of a clearly illegal content.
This formula had already been imagined in a more muscular form, during the debates on the draft law on the Digital Republic. The author of the amendment had not, however, supported it in the hemicycle.
The associations also want the hosts to be forced to extend the reporting system, now reserved for the fight against the apology for crimes against humanity and incitement to racial hatred. This would involve defamation, insult, provocation of race or against persons on the grounds of their sex, sexual orientation or identity and denial. Engines would also be involved.
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