the most financed gaming mouse via crowdfunding

gaming lexip

Lexip is a mouse that has a great ambition, at least the teams that designed it: revolutionize the world of gaming. For that, she prides herself on being the first gaming mouse in the world designed to be an all-in-one solution. Let's see the beast in detail.
This technological gem is equipped with two joysticks: the first is internal and controlled by the inclination of the shell while the second is external and controlled with the thumb. With a premium laser sensor and a design that promotes comfort, Lexip will allow its users to achieve more immersive gaming experiences. Intuitive, accurate and fast, this revolutionary mouse will fit on all kinds of PC games.
The first joystick is internal and controlled by the tilt of the mouse shell. You can tilt the mouse up, down, left, or right to achieve more immersive gaming experiences in 3D environments.
The second joystick is controlled by your thumb, giving you complete customization, high-end ergonomics and a faster and more comfortable gaming experience without going through the keyboard.
After winning 3 Innovation Awards at CES 2018, Lexip has just achieved a new feat: to be the most supported gaming mouse via crowdfunding. Indeed after 45 days of campaign Kickstarter, Lexip has convinced the gaming community. Thanks to the 3824 people who contributed to the project, Lexip raised the sum of 429 621 € or 530 000 $.
3824 having people who have contributed to this project, it's up to you to let yourself be sold. For those who missed the boat and wanted to contribute to the campaign, know that it continues on the platform Indiegogo. Count still 109 euros.

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