The Makita CM 501 DZ coffee machine gets rid of electric cables

The Makita CM 501 DZ coffee machine gets rid of electric cables


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                    The Japanese brand Makita is best known in our country for its DIY tools. However, its catalog includes products that have little connection to the building, such as the CM 501 DZ coffee machine.


The Makita CM 501 DZ coffee maker detonates the small world of coffee makers, if only by a singular appearance; difficult to imagine the beast on the work plan of a kitchen design. And for good reason, this is not at all its place since Makita rather destines it to a nomadic use. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer has removed the electric cable to replace it with a Li-ion battery, similar to those used for its tools (drills, circular saws …). In addition, it weighs only 1.5 kg and is equipped with a carrying handle.

The Makita CM501DZ can be transported easily thanks to its handle (© Makita).

Of course, the capabilities of the CM 501 DZ are far from those of a top-of-the-range machine like the Jura Giga 5. It is a coffee-filter whose ground coffee receptacle can be equipped with an accessory for accommodate flexible pods, similar to those used on Senseo coffeemakers; attention, it is not yet known if the two systems are compatible, but Makita produces its own pods, as well as ground coffee.

The soft pods of the Makita CM 501 DZ (© Makita)

The black dot of the CM 501 DZ seems to be its autonomy. Hard to ignore that the manufacturer indicates that a 100% charged battery can only prepare about 5 coffees. It's not much. Let's move on to the small water tank with a capacity of only 240 ml which will have to be filled very often.

To prevent dust (inevitable on construction sites) from being found in the coffee, Makita provides an insulated cup which closes with a lid during the preparation of the drink. For the moment no marketing in France is planned. It nevertheless costs 11900 yen (a little more than 90 €) to equip it in Japan.




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