the first non-obsolescent speaker is French


The Kataposte will be presented during the launch party at the Klin d'Oeil shop on March 22, 2018. A little patience to discover this non-obsolete enclosure made in France.
The Kataposte is a rugged and powerful portable speaker that combines open-hardware and non-obsolescence programmed. It is sold assembled or in kit, in the DIY spirit (Do It Yourself = Do it yourself) at a competitive price.
Robust and powerful audio speakers in a 50x20cm box with 10 hours of battery life to party indoors and outdoors. Designed and manufactured in France. Coco … you know the rest.
Strengths: Non-obsolescence programmed. The Kataposte is completely removable and repairable, all components are standard and are easily found on the market. A modular design, thanks to the internal elements integrate indifferently on all models of boxes.
Open hardware. The plans will be published under a Creative Commons license. This combined with a modular design is intended to encourage others to create alternative designs and features. The project highlights the win-win dynamics of the collaborative economy around a mainstream object.
We only wait for the price and dates of availability!

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