Texas Instruments will educate you with the TI-Innovator Rover!


We all had a Texas Instrument calculator when we were minot or more or less teenager. Now put the STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, Engineering) in motion with the new robotic vehicle controlled by calculator for the class.
Texas Instruments unveils the release of the TI-InnovatorTM Rover in Europe, the company's first-ever robotic solution for high school students that boosts the combined learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, Engineering, if you did not follow). Students can write programs on their TI graphing calculator, while spinning the wheels of the Rover, for fun, interactive and hands-on learning. Rover connects to the TI-Innovator Hub and a TI-84 Plus CE-T or TI-Nspire CX graphing calculator, already owned by many high school students in France, and arousing their interest and curiosity for courses combining Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Students with little or no programming or robotics can start by writing a basic program to dictate various actions that the Rover performs, such as drawing, dancing or even accident simulations.
"We created Rover to demystify robotics and give students, potentially intimidated by programming, a starting point for learning coding," said Peter Balyta, Ph.D., president of TI Education Technology. "Given the sheer joy we've read on students' faces as they learn coding during the test phases, we're excited to see how Rover will inspire more young people in the robotics field. Students work as a team to use Rover and are encouraged to collaborate to explore the different concepts of STEM. Students can program Rover to put mathematics and science in motion while adding a concrete dimension to verbal, symbolic and graphic representations. Rover enables rapid progress to more advanced coding, STEM and robotics projects.

Rover has been specifically designed for classroom use and includes a rechargeable battery, color and distance sensor, LED display, gyroscope, and marker stand for paper layouts. This calculator-controlled robotic vehicle will be available for purchase in Europe in the spring.
TI believes that education promotes the development of individuals, businesses and economies. To equip the current generation to solve the problems of tomorrow, we must develop the pool of competent learners in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). To do this, TI invests in educational initiatives and in areas that help teachers and students to love, understand and apply STEM topics to real world problems!

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