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In December, Seagate unveiled its Multi Actuator technology to double hard drive throughput. The basic idea was relatively simple: move from one to two "actuators".
This is a reminder of the controllers allowing the read / write heads to move over the trays and to position themselves in the right place to access the data. So far, all heads are positioned on the same actuator and therefore move at the same time.
During the OCP Summit, the manufacturer offered demonstrations of its MACH.2 hard drive using Multi Actuator technology, with two groups of independent read / write heads.
It announces a speed of 480 MB / s, "the fastest ever recorded on a single hard drive, and 60% faster than a hard drive at 15,000 rpm." IOPS are also dubbed (without encrypted data this time) because MACH.2 can send two streams of data (one per actuator) at the same time to the host.
No availability date or price has been announced yet. The OCP was also an opportunity to revisit the HAMR technology to offer 40 TB hard drives. We had it as a reminder explained in detail here.

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