Researchers have come to determine the best way to press a button


In recent years, besides a trend that is still very present in miniaturization, designs love finesse. Everything must always be very fine, very smooth. Including a keyboard. Feelings often suffer. Today, researchers have tried to determine the best way to push a button.
The study of interest was conducted by a team of scientists from Aalto University, Finland, and KAIST, South Korea. Professor Antti Oulasvirta of Aalto University explained: "This study started with the admiration of our remarkable ability to adapt the way we press a button. It is not the same if we press a remote control button or a piano key. The support of a seasoned user is surprisingly very elegant in terms of timing, reliability and energy expended. "
"We press buttons without even knowing the inner workings of a button. For us, it's basically a black box of our engine system. On the other hand, we sometimes fail to activate a button, and some buttons are known to be worse than others. "
And what, then, did this research reveal? Not surprisingly, we learn that the best buttons are the ones that move. Mechanical keyboards would be a good example. These are certainly not the finest but they are very satisfying to use. This study could help design better devices and more enjoyable user interfaces in the future, focusing on these kind of buttons rather than just finesse … To be continued!

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