Philips 276E9, the successor of the very good 276E7

Philips 276E9, the successor of the very good 276E7


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        07/03/18 at 09:17


                    The manufacturer MMD Display has announced the release of a new monitor Philips 276E9, the successor of the very good Philips 276E7 that we tested in 2016.


The Philips 276E9 monitor features a 27-inch IPS panel with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p. The manufacturer announces a 1000: 1 contrast, a brightness of 250 cd / m², viewing angles of 178 ° and a color coverage of 124% of the sRGB and 93.6% of the NTSC. This model only has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, but it is FreeSync compatible. Philips does not communicate on the FreeSync compatibility page, but it is probably quite small (between 50 and 70 Hz). At the ergonomic level, the Philips 276E9 is satisfied with the minimum to know the adjustment of the inclination between -5 and +20 °. Regarding the connection, the 276E9 comes in three versions: the Philips 276E9QSB is content with a VGA input and a DVI input, the model 276E9QDSB adds an HDMI port and audio output while the 276E9QJAB offers a VGA input, a HDMI input, DisplayPort input, audio input, headphone output and even built-in 2 x 3W speakers not found in other references.
The most surprising remains the price announced since the Philips 276E9 will be sold about 190 € whatever the version. In any case, this model will however struggle to fight against our new reference quality / size / definition / price: the AOC Q3279VWF, the famous 32-inch monitor sold less than 250 €.




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