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Last week, the show was interested in Didier Bille, in a video titled "The Executor: confessions of an HRD". Our colleagues explain his method: "the forced ranking, a practice in vogue in many companies according to him. It consists in badly noting employees, however irreproachable to have an excuse to dismiss them.
During the report, documents appear on the screen, with the names of the employees hidden … but not enough, as Rupert Schiessl explains in a publication posted on LinkedIn. "This is indeed a simple font change in Microsoft Excel, which offers since the release of Windows 3.1 a series of fonts consisting of pictograms. In our case, Mr. Bille substituted the Wingdings 2 font for the original police. But with a simple transcription table this font becomes as easily readable as Arial.
Once the names were recovered, Rupert Schiessl began an investigation to find a match between the names and former employers of Didier Bille. "Only a few minutes later I was successful again: all the names on my list could be associated with Nortel Network."
This case raises many questions: why was such a basic device used? Begins is it that the former HRD was still in possession of such confidential data? Have exposed people been notified?
France 2 does not seem to have reacted, but we will try to find out more.

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