No Android P for the Google Nexus Player

Google Nexus Player

The Google Nexus Player was released in 2014. Its production has been discontinued for some time but despite this, the Mountain View firm continued to keep it up-to-date and offer new features. Last year, he received Google Assistant. But the accessory will not go further.
Indeed, according to a report by Android Police, Google has announced that the Nexus Player would not be entitled to Android P. Android O should be the last major version of Google's mobile OS on this device.
For now, no one knows if the Nexus Player remains eligible for security updates or severe bug fixes. That said, for a device whose manufacture and sale are stopped since 2016, it is rather surprising to see it still followed by Google.
Will we have a new version? For a while, rumors seemed to believe him. But yet, no new Nexus Player on the horizon right now. To be continued !

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