IRCAM presents cutting-edge sound and music innovations

IRCAM presents cutting-edge sound and music innovations

                    Starting tomorrow, IRCAM is opening its doors again and offering artists, scientists and start-ups from all over the world the opportunity to present their works, to share their experiences and to discover the latest audio innovations at the forefront.
                            "If you are a musician, sound engineer, composer, designer, if you work in research and development on new technologies, if you are a teacher or a student, if you are a professional or simply an amateur, you are welcome for this meeting. annual meeting at IRCAM in Paris. "

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To understand what the Forum Workshops represent, we must already understand what the Forum is: a community of artists, researchers, engineers, sound designers, teachers and representatives of the sound industry. music, just that, gathered around the subject of technological innovation. The Forum's platform creates a framework for exchanging knowledge and skills around music, and gives access to many software dedicated to composition, sound processing and interaction in real time.

Since the spring of 25, the Forum has been opening its doors every year and unveiling the results of its research, experimentation and artistic residencies, even offering participants the chance to take in hand some software from the R & D center of the Institute. Since 2014, the workshops have been exported in partnership with universities and foreign research and creation centers: after Korea and Latin America, they moved to Taiwan in December 2016.

On the menu of this 2018 edition, we find the new instruments (like the HyVibe guitar, precisely developed in the bowels of IRCAM), collective interaction, sound design, bio-art and music therapy, the links between musical notation and auditory perception, and finally, of course, artificial intelligence and sound spatialization – all these topics being addressed in the form of lectures, installations and / or demonstrations.

Registrations are open on the IRCAM Forum website. "All sound professionals, students, curious sound artists and other techno-enthusiasts of music are expected for a marathon of discoveries and innovations."

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