Instagram takes a step towards timeline timeline – Tech

Instagram takes a step towards timeline timeline - Tech

Instagram takes a step toward users who want a return to the timeline.
        It has almost become a slogan: in 2018, each time Instagram introduces a novelty, network users launch with a false naivety "when all we want is a timeline". Past like all services to an algorithmic news feed that highlights the content that might interest users but also advertisements, Instagram was criticized by his community who wanted to scroll through the publications in the order they were submitted.
A small step
This request is still not relevant, but Instagram is taking a step towards these users. In a press release, the social network of the image announces the deployment of a button "New Posts" or New Posts in the language of the Backstreet Boys, which will make it possible to raise the timeline upwards and to display the latest publications. You will no longer be automatically "pushed" against your will at the top of the newsfeed each time you visit the app.
In addition, Instagram says adjustments are being made to give new publications better visibility at the top of the news feed. "If one of your friends shares a selfie in Australia, you'll see it when you wake up," says the company. A step in the right direction?
At the time these lines are written, the update is not yet available.




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