In Switzerland, Xavier Niel launches a 10 Gbit / s fiber offer with a free Apple TV 4K – Tech

In Switzerland, Xavier Niel launches a 10 Gbit / s fiber offer with a free Apple TV 4K - Tech

The Swiss can now subscribe to a 10 Gbit / s fiber package with the operator Salt. In addition to the debit, you'll even get a 4K Apple TV.
        Xavier Niel, the man behind Free and Free Mobile, is logically known for his punch offers. And the fiber package he offers to the Swiss via the operator Salt may be envious. Soberly dubbed Salt Fiber, the formula promises a rate of up to 10 Gbps. Either a sacred argument to crack. And as if that was not enough, Xavier Niel chose the Apple TV 4K – 32 GB – for multimedia features. A nice publicity stunt for the all-purpose box of the Cupertino company.

The package that makes you dream
By choosing the Apple TV 4K rather than designing a multimedia home decoder, Salt promises an experience worthy of the name to its customers. A pledge of quality at a time when ISP boxes are sometimes perfectible or lagging on some current arguments (4K, HDR, applications). With the Apple TV 4K, Salt Fiber customers are entitled to a product that meets all or part of today's standards (it lacks the Dolby Atmos, the keyword marketing trend) and based on a simple interface, clear and fluid. A significant pleasure to access the 250 channels and more contained in the bouquet, via preinstalled applications. Not to mention other video programs thanks to the Salt Video service powered by Hollystar (more than 10,000 films and series).
"The capabilities of the Apple TV platform enhance the customer experience because they allow us to do things we could never have done on traditional set-top boxes. I am extremely proud of the result of this cooperation, "says Xavier Niel.
We are unlikely to see such a package land at home, both in terms of debit (the most expensive offers stop at 1 Gbit / s for the moment) than for the Apple TV graciously offered. Especially not at Free, who is preparing a new revolutionary box. Unless it's a single modem with an Apple TV bundle?




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