Firefox will in turn block some ads, the 2018 roadmap available

2017 marked the revival of Firefox with the Quantum version 57. Since then, many evolutions have been put in place, but the biggest remains to come. Especially on the advertising field, plotters or autoplay, which will in turn be blocked.Little after our point on versions 59 and 60 of the browser, Mozilla says a little about his plans for the rest of the year. Four pillars are put forward: speed, personalization, mobile and values.
On the latter subject, Mozilla seems to have realized its particular position against the other giants of the sector that are Apple, Google or Microsoft. Yet, some score points on the protection of the user at different levels. A question somewhat ignored by Firefox, focused on its new foundations.
Above all, the browser could face the rise of alternatives like Brave, Opera or Vivaldi, who also have some advantages to highlight, without being financially attached to Google.
It was therefore necessary to react without dragging on. It's done: by the end of the year, many protection and blocking devices will be put in place, including tracking and advertising.
After Apple and Google: block advertising and cross-domain tracking

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