EA buries for good the purchase of lootboxes

                    The latest multiplayer FPS from Electronic Arts, Star Wars Battlefront II had a very difficult start, mostly because of its wobbly business model. A few months after its release, the editor reviews his copy and gives up for good the opportunity to buy the famous "lootboxes".


                            Star Wars Battlefront II


                        Fnac.com marketplace
                        $ 28.90
                        Rakuten – priceminister
                        € 39.00
                        $ 39.99
                        $ 39.99
                        $ 54.99
                        Top Buy
                        $ 58.81
                        $ 59.95
                        $ 64.99
                        $ 67.89
                        Shopping street
                        $ 69.95
                        $ 69.99
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It's saying that Electronic Arts has had a complicated end to 2017. While Star Wars Battlefront II was to be the publisher's biggest-ever title of the year, he turned into a ugly duckling, who was hated by everyone because of his unbalanced progression system, which clearly encouraged gamers to spend money. Even though EA quickly backed down, the damage was done: BFII sales were disappointing and the title did not convince.

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