Dyson unveils its new broom vacuum cleaner, the V10

Dyson unveils its new broom vacuum cleaner, the V10

                    Today, Dyson has unveiled its new vacuum cleaner, the V10, which inaugurates the latest engine of the same name by the British manufacturer. The latest addition to the brand intends to widen the gap with competing models, despite significant weight loss.


During a conference with great fanfare, Jake Dyson (son of James) has lifted the veil on the new version of his vacuum cleaner-brush, baptized very logically V10.

The Dyson V10.

As usual, the new flagship of the British firm is named after its engine. It has undergone a slimming cure and now displays 125 g on the scale (against 225 for the V8 engine), while gaining suction power: a small tour de force made possible by several optimizations and changes made to the engine , which we will come back to shortly.

The small V10 engine that gives its name to the new Dyson vacuum.

The Dyson V10 is therefore the worthy successor of the Dyson V8 and is logically the fastest model in the Dyson range of brush vacuums: it runs at 2,000 rpm. To support this speed, the drive shaft, usually cast metal, is composed of ceramic. The orientation of the cyclonic filtration system has also been modified: it is no longer perpendicular to the suction tube and the collector, but directly in their axis. This configuration would appear to offer greater suction power.

The collector and its trigger "Point & Shoot".

As for the collector, in addition to a larger capacity (0.76 l against 0.5 l for that of the V8), it takes advantage of the "Point & Shoot" system. Simply pull a trigger abruptly so that the bottom of the collector opens and debris is ejected from the tank.

On the other hand, there is a priori little change on the on-board battery. We are told 60 minutes of power in normal power without power brush, and 7 min in Turbo mode with the motorized brush.

Inside a Dyson V10.

The V10 in its Absolute version (with all its accessories, motorized brush, Fluffy brush, etc.) is already marketed at a price of 629 €.

After an interview with the Dyson engineers, we will be able to get back to the technical aspects of the Dyson V10. To follow so …

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