DARPA wants to "slow down time" to save lives on the battlefield


In an emergency situation, on a battlefield, for example, doctors only have a few minutes, sometimes a few seconds, to save the life of an injured soldier. DARPA is full of ideas, totally crazy projects. Among them, to offer more freedom of maneuver to care units by … slowing down time.
No, DARPA can not imagine developing a time machine or time-slowing device, as we know it at least. This is about biological time. Some animals are able to slow down their cell activity to the extreme, for example to survive extreme temperatures.
According to Tristan McClure-Begley, director of the Biostasis program, "at the molecular level, life is a continuation of continuous biochemical reactions and a special characteristic of these reactions is that they need a catalyst to take place. In a cell, these catalysts come in the form of proteins and large molecular machines that transform chemical and kinetic energy into biological processes. "
"Our goal with Biostasis is to control these molecular machines and slow them down as they work to slow down the entire system and avoid unintended consequences when the intervention is reversed." If DARPA succeeds, this innovation will be useful well beyond the battlefield … To be continued!

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