Casey Neistat believes that Twitch has arguments to beat YouTube – Pop culture

Casey Neistat believes that Twitch has arguments to beat YouTube - Pop culture

Videographer Casey Neistat predicts the rise of the little underdog on the Google subsidiary in the future. According to him, YouTube would not be "invulnerable", and should be wary of the powerful community around the streaming platform and gaming content.
        "If YouTube is not scared by Twitch, it should be. Honest, direct, the videographer Casey Neistat does not go with the back of the spoon. In an interview with The Verge, the man took sides in the rivalry between YouTube and Twitch, outsider streaming and video game VOD, which is now his preference.
The emotional and the community, nerves of the war
A niche platform that can not shake the Google subsidiary will think some. Casey Neistat does not agree. "YouTube is vulnerable. And Twitch is seen as this cool new kid who just arrived in town. So, certainly, one could think at first sight that the two actors do not play in the same court, what the person does not fail to recall ("YouTube is not thought for streaming, nor for the video game , while Twitch … ").
But Casey Neistat is one of those who thinks that the emotional and crystallization of a community, the nerves of war, can turn the tide, and propel Twitch as the leader of the video: "When you add the emotion factor, the cultural factor, the cool factor, everything becomes a sudden and very real threat, not for YouTube as a search engine, but for the community, the community of creators and their audience, "
In the footsteps of Instagram?
The man would he still raised against YouTube which he once did the sunny days? A few months ago, he denounced vehemently "hypocrisy" on the monetization of his videos. Angry or not, the video maker of course does not predict the impending fall of YouTube and prefers to make some nuances about it: "I do not think YouTube will go bankrupt this year, nor do I think that Twitch will eclipse it in the near future. But I think there will be a real change in the months and years to come. "
He may not be wrong and supports his explanations with an unequivocal illustration: just a few months ago, Snapchat appeared as an invulnerable monster, more relevant than any other social network. But observers know it: in just a few months, Instagram has changed the situation (taking inspiration from many features of its competitor, certainly). Will Twitch be capable of such a game of poker?





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