Boursorama deploys Apple Pay for its customers (in pain) – Tech

Boursorama deploys Apple Pay for its customers (in pain) - Tech

Boursorama has activated Apple Pay. The problems are multiplying for the first customers eager to test.
        Société Générale has been slow to offer Apple Pay to its customers. But the day of the release, everything seemed to be ready and the activation servers were not a problem. On March 7, 2018, Boursorama decided to launch the option in turn, following the lead of several French and international banks. And if it is now possible to start the process, finishing it is a more complex operation.
The bank's customers complained many times on social networks between yesterday and this morning. Indeed the problem encountered is particularly painful: at the very end of the process, the authentication server supposed to send a confirmation code on the phone number of the user is saturated.

Congratulations to @Boursorama for activating #ApplePay 20 minutes to send a valid activation code 10 min … #FAIL
– Adrien PIGEOT (@Adrien_Pgt) March 6, 2018

When it fails, the operation must be restarted from the beginning – no guarantee that the server will be up and running at the appropriate time. In addition, our colleagues at iGen noted that if the code arrived late, it was impossible to use it to finish adding the card. Not to mention the fact that too many requests can lead to a pure and simple blocking of the card – a "bug" that should be corrected within 24 hours, resulting in the unlocking of cards.
In short, if you have a Boursorama account, it may be wise to wait until the bank has deployed a system to the extent of demand. It's a safe bet that Boursorama did not anticipate the success of Apple Pay and did not expect so much activation at the same time.


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