An iPhone 6 responsible for the burning of a farm?


Fires can be caused by many things, including faulty electronics. According to a couple from Canada, an iPhone 6 would be responsible for the fire that burned their farm. Explanation.
Cathy and Ian Finley are convinced that the fire was caused by a three-month-old iPhone 6 that was charging in their living room. According to firefighters, "it looks like the phone or charger has generated enough heat to catch fire."
For now, the official cause of this fire has not been pronounced but the couple is already claiming to Apple not less than $ 600,000, amount of doors. Scope on social networks, the story has sparked emotion, people have signed petitions on and Facebook asking Apple to compensate the couple.
Apple claims to conduct its investigation, although it will certainly wait to have the remains of the iPhone and the charger in question. These are currently in the hands of a private scientific company that works for firefighters …

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