its stereo speakers will make forget the poor audio quality of the Galaxy S8

galaxy s9

The Galaxy S9 will be equipped with stereo speakers and should finally offer us an audio quality worthy of the name. On Reddit, an individual who says he could try the Galaxy S9 for a few minutes confirms it: he saw a major improvement in sound quality. According to him, it is even the difference with the Galaxy S9 which has the most marked. Excellent news when the sound was one of the main flaws of Samsung's flagships. It is confirmed, the Galaxy S9 embeds new stereo speakers! On Reddit, a certain nmarrufo claiming to have been able to try the flagship for about twenty minutes, answered users' questions. The topic that has most reacted to users is that of the new speakers of the S9, which finally announce at the height.
Galaxy S9: stereo speakers much better than the S8
"The speakers are experiencing a major improvement. Probably the feature that stands out the most in my opinion, "shares the user, who explains having tried them first. Such an upgrade was highly anticipated: the sound quality was never the highlight of Samsung flagship and the Galaxy S8 was no exception.
These Dolby stereo speakers are an important step forward, but not everything looks perfect yet. nmarrufo says that the sound correction option is not doing its job particularly well. The Galaxy S9 keeps the 3.5mm jack for easy connection of headphones or headphones without having to use bluetooth or a microUSB adapter.
In addition to the audio aspect, the individual was able to confirm some elements on the Galaxy S9 that had been revealed by leaks. He said that the design that circulates on the web are very close to reality and the Bixby button will be in the game. Of course, he only had the smartphone in his hands for a very short time, but he was impressed by his speed and gaming performance. He has not really been able to use his camera, presented as a major innovation by Samsung.
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