forget the fidget spinners, burst buttons with the Pop It Pal!

Pop It Pal

Life sometimes offers us some guilty pleasures, sometimes even unspeakable. For some, it is to burst a nasty button not beautiful! Those will be perhaps delighted to discover that there exists today a small toy dedicated to this activity. This is the Pop It Pal.
In 2017, we had the fidget spinner. Will 2018 be the year of Pop It Pal? The accessory is like a square of skin full of wicked buttons that are just waiting to be exploded. In total, 15 buttons, with their dose of fake pus, obviously, so that the experience is perfect.
And so that you can indulge your passion as much as you want, the Pop It Pal is sold with a bottle of fake pus to refill the toy as soon as you have all pierced.
Since the commercial launch of Pop It Pal earlier this year, its inventors have struggled to meet the demand. And it's even worse since he went viral last week. According to the official website, deliveries can take up to 9 weeks internationally. If you're interested, count $ 19.99 for a kit and $ 5.99 for an extra bottle.

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