#Flock takes stock

Like every Saturday at 1:37 pm, Flock puts his acid gaze on the news in the digital field. He publishes a chronicle grouping five drawings in rebound on our articles. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a break, to take a step back. Some opportunities lend themselves to this, such as the 100th edition of the v2 of our #LeBrief daily format, launched last year. We were able to read how much you appreciate it. You leave there every day a hundred comments.
In other cases, it is more about asking for accounts. Faced with the digital divide that everyone in France has seen for years, despite many promises and government plans, a deputy asked for the creation of a commission of inquiry to determine the responsibilities.
It is the same with regard to undeclared work, which could be the subject of a reinforcement of the "name and shame" policy to "give greater visibility to the penal sanctions pronounced in case of illegal work". For that, it could become systematic to publish the list of convictions.
For our part, we focused on the case of TF1, which opposes Orange in terms of its distribution. While the live stream is still not cut, the replay is no longer available on Livebox. But DTT channel requires, there are many ways to do without, from a recorder Molotov through … Captvty.
But in terms of "more is big, more it passes", it is Elon Musk and the launch of Falcon Heavy who win the palm. SpaceX has managed to recover two of its boosters safely and put a car in orbit. A project on which we also took stock, while asking about the unfortunate "peopolisation" of scientific news …
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