AirPods 2: the next headphones should enable Siri to voice – Tech

AirPods 2: the next headphones should enable Siri to voice - Tech

Apple should refresh its range of AirPods wireless headphones with the arrival in 2018 of a second generation capable of being activated by voice through increased accounting with Siri. A waterproof version is also expected, but later.
        With its AirPods earphones, which are sometimes still out of stock today (the online store does not promise delivery until early March), Apple has managed to offer a certain level of wireless comfort under cover, as always with the American firm, that one adheres to the ecosystem. All with amazing audio rendering for a Bluetooth accessory that is not a headset with noise reduction.
Naturally, the Cupertino company will soon update this range, which is not included with its smartphones. It's a business logic and a habit. And our colleagues at Bloomberg believe they know the improvements that the engineers in the California group are going to be looking at.

AirPods 2.0
As often with such rumors, the media evokes sources close to the record. For 2018, Apple would work on a generation of AirPods integrating better Siri voice assistant. Today, headphones require a double physical contact to activate it. Those of tomorrow could respond to the voice with the command "Dis Siri", exactly as with the iPhone and the speaker connected HomePod. This would allow an extra degree of freedom and allow Siri to be called during an activity where the hands are busy, such as a workout.
The AirPods 2 should also accommodate a new chip instead of the W1 for an improved Bluetooth connection (we think of the W2) and, we can imagine, some small developments in terms of autonomy. The sound quality is not mentioned by Bloomberg and there is nothing to hope for this side.
For 2019, Apple would consider AirPods 3 relatively waterproof. The idea would not be to make them completely waterproof but to allow them to survive some splashing or rain.


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